After I graduted grade 7, my dad bought me a playstation 4 and then I started to play Fortnite and 2k. When I studied at Fraser Heights, I felt so stressed because High school is way difficult than Elementary school. There are many things that I does not use/try before is Locker, Double Block, Food Class, etc. I heard that I am about to go to Computer 8 and I was like " Let's go and it would be fun if we're doing Computer 8" but it not what I expected, ability to be past the course is " Be Creative", " Good at Technology". My Mom told me that my Granpa going to visit our family and I think that would be awesome because I haven't see her since 2017. THE END!!!. CLICK HERE FOR FIRST PAGE CLICK HERE FOR SECOND PAGE CLICK HERE FOR THIRD PAGE CLICK HERE FOR FOURTH PAGE